Hogan's Killer Sour Cider

Strak droge natuurcider van Hogan's Cider, wild gegist om de cider in dit geval een 'scherpe' kick te geven en een klein zuurtje in de afdronk. Voor de liefhebber van droog en 'sour'. (500ml / 5,8% alc.)

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Won in de zomer van 2019 1 ster tijdens de Great Taste Awards*.

Voor de liefhebber van frisdroge cider. Licht-mousserend. 5,8% ABV. Servereb op 8-12 graden Celsius. 

From the cidery:

"A fresh, earthy, sharp and naturally sour cider from our innovation series. The flavours carry a fierce tangy apple edge that’s super refreshing. Cheers to the brave… this is killer!"

*Volgens de jury van de Great Taste Awards:

Mexican gold in colour and quiet in the glass, with a classic traditional cider dry nose. This is a complex drink, dry, warming and alcoholic, tannic with a long finish. Bitter spikes, but less of the sourness. Altogether, however, a well rounded and crafted cider. The apple aftertaste is strong and pleasing, and the judges felt that they were drinking a real cider, with a good pedigree.

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